Although we do not generally reuse the boxes we receive from our suppliers (these get recycled, see below), we do try to reuse as much of the other packaging materials as possible, primarily void fill.

We source our new packaging materials from Kite Packaging and Globe Packaging.

The majority of our orders are shipped in single walled cardboard boxes which contain between 60% and 90% recycled content.  They are also vegan friendly.

We also ship orders for smaller items in Arofol bubble lined mailers.  These are manufactured from FSC approved paper, promoting responsible forestry (printed with an FSC logo). No solvents are used in their production and printing, and they can be recycled.

To prevent the boxes from collapsing or being crushed and to protect the contents, we use two types of void fill – Ecoflo loose chips and Speedman paper.

Ecoflo loose fill chips are a starch-based alternative to polystyrene chips.  EcoFlo is a fully compostable void fill material and is 100% biodegradable. The product is fully soluble when saturated with water which takes away the issue of litter. It also conforms to EN13432. 

The manufacturing process for this void fill material is a single-stage process (compared with the manufacturing process for polystyrene chips, which is multi-stage, uses more energy so is less environmentally friendly).

Starch is also an annually renewable resource.

Our paper void fill is manufactured by Speedman.  The paper itself is an environmentally friendly 70gsm paper and is made from 100% recycled sources.

We occasionally use bubble wrap to protect your delicate items.  We keep this to a minimum as we find it is generally unnecessary.

Recycling and Waste

Our cardboard and plastic waste is handled by Devon Contract Waste.  DCW is the South West’s leading independent commercial waste handling firm. Their Zero to Landfill solution, which ensures that no waste goes to landfill, was the first of its kind in Devon and the South West. They remain the only Zero to Landfill operator in the region to process waste for recycling, rather than sending it all to Energy from Waste plants for incineration.

Shipping Partners

We currently send the majority of our orders via Royal Mail. For some orders we will use Parcelforce. Both companies are part of the Royal Mail Group which has committed to being a net zero carbon business by 2050.  For further details of the RMG environmental policy please see

If you have any questions regarding our approach to recycling and the environment please do not hesitate to get in touch via any of the methods on our Contact Us page.