Family Games

It’s that time where we have to endure six weeks of the children. We mean the lovely summer holidays where we can take time out with the family!

Some board games are designed specifically with families in mind.

So here are our picks for top family games.

Andor: The Family Fantasy Game

Recently mentioned in our mid-July newsletter, this game lets you take on the role of either Magician, Warrior, Archer or Dwarf. You’ll be cooperatively completing tasks while travelling the lands of Andor. Ultimately journeying to save a pack of wolves, this highly engaging family game is surely one for the suitcase this summer.

Family Games
Family Games

My Little Scythe

This family-friendly, competitive spin off from hugely popular Scythe uses some of the same mechanisms, allowing you to have adventures in the kingdom of Pomme. Each player controls two animal figures and you’ll soon be making friends, learning spells, completing quests and maybe even having the odd pie fight. Don’t just take our word for it as we have this great family game in stock and even the Pie in the sky expansion.


Not only a great game for younger meeples (aged 4+), but this game teaches word creation and even wordplay. The letter tiles are lower case, making it friendly for the pre-reader and early learner. It is even aligned with the reading curriculum. My first BANANAGRAMS is fun for the family, educational and a first step to playing the full game in the future. All in a handy banana shaped pouch.

Family Games
Family Games


Let’s face it, this spin on a classic favourite and winner of Game of the year in 2017 has fans of all ages. As kings expanding your land you have to choose your tiles wisely, which terrain to grow and score at the end of the game because other kings have the same ideas. Aged 8+ and in a small box this is the perfectly portable family game.

MicroMacro Crime City

Welcome to Crime City. There are 16 cases to crack as a team in this hugely popular game. You are provided with a magnifying glass and a 75 x 110cm black and white pictorial map full of intricate drawings of the people and locations in the city. Scour to find the victim and / or suspects. But wait! You won’t just be looking once. You see there’s a trail to follow, a story to piece together leading up to the crime. Find the clues, follow the story and solve the crimes once and for all. This game is great fun and recommended for ages 12+ as there are themes which may prove upsetting for younger meeples.

MicroMacro Crime City

And there you have it. A great selection for all the family to enjoy.

We have so many more family games and if you would like any more recommendations then just drop us a message and ask.

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