Board Games for 2 Players

We would like to highlight the board games that work well at two players only.

Some are designed specifically with 2 players in mind while others just work  really well at 2 players.


Specifically for 2 players this card game is at heart a very clever economic strategy game.

You are competing traders in the city of Jaipur. Buying, selling and exchanging goods, but as goods are getting sold their value depreciates.

Timing, strategy and a little bit of luck is key to gaining an invitation to the Maharaja’s court.

Although considered an entry level game it has become a ‘must have’ addition to any collection.

Board Games for 2 Players
Board Games for 2 Players

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Certain games can lend themselves well to co-operative play. Arkham Horror: The Card Game has story driven gameplay like no other and is a global phenomenon.

This one small box has hours of play in the Lovecraftian world for 1-2 players.

Using mainly cards you will choose your character and weapons. The game will then guide you through the story. You will solve mysteries and battle monsters all while trying not to succumb to the madness.

Being a Living Card Game the story continues, develops and grows through a series of expansions, still being produced now. This co-operative role playing card game is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Rajas of the Ganges

A modern classic where dice management creates your resources and worker placement uses them to build wealth and fame. A racing game is at its core as you strategise to be the first to get your wealth and fame to meet.

It does play 2-4 players, but is still a well rounded and competitive experience for 2 players.

Board Games for 2 Players
Board Games for 2 Players

Viticulture: Essential Edition

With a solo system built in this plays at 1-6 players however still plays beautifully at 2 players.

Depending on where you place them, your workers will plant vines, crush grapes, make wine and fulfil orders among other activities, helping you become the most successful vintner.

With so much depth from building structures to ageing your grapes to perfection over time this game really has it all.

7 Wonders Duel

Highly regarded as one of the most popular games in the world, 7 Wonders is a go to card drafting game for seasoned and entry level hobby board gamers. Then came the 2 player spin off version and it exploded. For some this has even more appeal than its original as a head to head battle.

The roots of the original game are still there, however while building your civilisation and the Wonders in question there are three paths to victory.

You could be developing science by collecting six of the available seven science symbols or literally playing for points when your opponent grows their armies, claiming an early military win.

This game is tense, high strategy and great fun in a small box.

Board Games for 2 Players

All of these games are available now so get shopping!

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